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Zero discharge sewage equipment performance characteristics have?

by:Ocpuritech     2020-08-10
Zero discharge sewage equipment performance characteristics have? Sewage after grille into regulating pool is entered into the bioreactor, lift pump by PLC controller open aerator oxygen filling, bioreactor effluent by the circulation pump into the membrane separation processing units, strong water returns to adjust pool, membrane separation of water chlorination after rapid mixing method ( Sodium hypochlorite, bleaching powder, chlorine tablets) Later, into the water tank. Backwash pump use wash in the pool to backwash of film processing equipment, processing water recoil sewage returns to adjust pool. Through biological reactor water level control to promote the opening and closing of the pump. Membrane unit filter operation and backwash operations can be automatic or manual control. When membrane unit need chemical cleaning operation, shut off the water valve and sewage circulating valve, open the medicine and pharmaceutical circulation valves, start liquid circulating pump, chemical cleaning operations. Zero discharge sewage equipment performance characteristics: 1, the water quality good. Due to the membrane separation effect, don't need to set up the precipitation, filtration and other solid-liquid separation equipment. High efficient solid-liquid separation of suspended substance, colloid, biological wastewater to cell loss and microbial flora has separated purified water, not by the tertiary treatment which can directly reuse. With high quality security. 2, cover an area of an area small. Biological treatment unit in microbial membrane bioreactor to maintain high concentration, the volume load is greatly increased, membrane separation efficiency makes the processing unit of hydraulic retention time is greatly shortened, covers an area of less. Membrane bioreactor with membrane module at the same time, do not need settling basin and specialized filtration workshop, system covers an area of only 60% of the traditional method. 3, save operating cost. Thanks to the efficiency of MBR oxygen utilization efficiency, and unique way of intermittent operation, greatly reduces the running time and power consumption of aeration equipment, save power consumption. At the same time due to the membrane can filter out bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, can significantly save dosing disinfection of long-term operation cost, membrane bioreactor process without adding flocculating agent, reduce operating costs. 4, system impact resistance is strong, adapt to the range. To prevent the loss of all kinds of microbial flora, is advantageous to the growth speed slow bacteria ( Nitrifying bacteria, etc. ) Growth, make some difficult degradable organic macromolecular longer residence time and is beneficial to their decomposition, and a variety of metabolic processes in the system run smoothly. 5, little secondary pollution. Membrane biological reactor biological sludge can achieve dynamic balance in the running, almost no residual sludge discharge. 6, a high degree of automation and unattended. MBR because using membrane technology, greatly shorten the technological process and through the use of advanced computer control technology, the equipment is highly integrated, intelligent, is so far, a high degree of automation of sewage reuse domestic equipment. 7, modular design, sewage zero emissions equipment are easily according to the water situation for free combination. Due to a high degree of integration, the MBR formed the standardization, seriation of standard equipment, the user can be combined to meet the need of engineering installation.
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